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Wed, Aug. 10

15:45:14 -- The new (beta) version of the web site is launched. Now there is an extensive manual along with further forecast interpretation methods. See also the publications page and browse through related stuff from CATS.

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One of the aims of this website is to introduce non-specialists to the concept of ensemble weather forecasting. Ideally we want to help people who must make decisions that depend on the weather to make good use of the extra information that ensemble forecasts provide. If you are such a person, working in a large corporation, a small business, the public sector, or a non-profit organization, we would very much like your feedback on this site. Even if you don't have to make weather dependent decisions professionally but are interested in using ensemble forecasts for planning your personal leisure activities we'd also like to hear what you think of this site.

contact us: dime

Direct and Inverse Modelling in End-to-End Environmental Prediction (DIME) is an industry-academia collaborative project of the Smith Institute Faraday Partnership in Industrial Mathematics and System Engineering. The project is jointly funded by EPSRC, London Electricity and Risk Management Solutions. The Smith Institute Faraday Partnership is funded by the Department of Trade and Industry, and both the Met Office and the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting are enabling partners within the partnership.


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